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New School Hard Rock from Belgium

How Hardridge was created

Hardridge started out as a modest solo-project by Joran Bauwens (Joe Hardridge).

It was originally intended to find the right band members, because he had a hard time finding any in the area where he lives.

That's how the album "MIRROR" came about. It was a one man effort, made to attract the right people to make music with. 

When the album was released, by the end of 2017, it didn't take very long to construct an amazing band formed by great people who have all become good friends over time.

During spring 2018 the band was finally completed:

Joe Hardridge: lead vocals / guitar

Inigo Grau: bass / backing vocals

Warren Cann AKA Jezus: guitar

Lou Smith: drums

The sound of the band has evolved quiet a bit since then. Those who come to see them live can expect a heavier, more organic sound.

The band plans to make heavier music in the future.

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Hardridge is a dream that came true for me. The desire to make great music together with great people has finally become a reality. Those who love heavier music can expect amazing manifestations of our musical contemplations in the future.

Hardridge is the vibratory expression of feeling, experience and life itself.

- Joe Hardridge

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Knowing how stale local bands' music and how inflated their members' egos can be, creating refreshing music with humble people truly makes me feel privileged. Hardridge's strength lies in synthesis; primarily that of rock and metal, but the combination of our individual musical vocabularies has also proved invaluable. I feel as though we're on the verge of really finding our voice, and while I'm not into crazy expectations, I'm excited for the road ahead.

- Inigo Grau

thumbnail_PORTRET WARREN.jpg

When I started playing guitar in Hardridge, people started noticing my resemblance to depictions of Jezus. Now, even people I don't know call me Jezus.

- Warren Cann AKA Jezus

thumbnail_portret Lou.jpg

I am very lucky to be a part of Hardridge. I met our frontman Joe by coincidence and he impressed me immediately. Having written a full album all on his own, I felt honored to become Hardridge's drummer. We were still looking for a guitarist and bassplayer though. I knew 2 friends that'd possibly fit the picture. Those 2 great musicians were Warren and Inigo. Joe and I saw them evolve, as did the band itself. We all became closer friends, better musicians, we all keep on surprising eachother with new ideas and insights. Hardridge really started having a true connection. To this day, that connection keeps growing, just like our ambitions.

- Lou Smith

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